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About Us

At Spitfiregirl, we’ve spent over 20 years collaborating with founders and brands ready to take the next step. From talented authors, fashion insiders, luxury event planners, to the hottest restaurateur, or boutique hotel we’re always ready to solve a tough problem, build a new experience, or bring a really kick-ass idea to life.

Our strategic design approach shapes a clear vision of who your brand is and where it’s going, so from the first conversation until the champagne pop! when your new brand launches, we’re completely committed to your success.

Meet us at the intersection of creativity, strategy + verve

The Original Spitfire, Heidi’s a petite design dynamo with a not-so-secret superpower for building memorable brands that resonate. A fearless creative director, cancer survivor, and mom - she is passionate about speaking on topics like design, and the intersection of motherhood and creative entrepreneurship.

Born in the Netherlands to very average height parents and growing up in Vermont, she skipped formal design school for an address in Istanbul and cartwheels on the White House Lawn, perfecting her design skills along the way. She eventually made her way from Boston to San Francisco, where she formed Spitfiregirl in 2000. It was there she met her very tall husband, and they now call Denver home with their two (very blonde) children.

FOUNDER, Creative director, Spitfire

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We’re a small but mighty collective of creative professionals who seamlessly scale for projects of any size. Our company is female-owned and operated, and WOSB certified. We enjoy collaboration, connection and support with and from other women-owned businesses.

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Our M.O.

We work with clients we really believe in, which means we’re not just there to check all the boxes. Instead, we’re truly invested in your business, and are ready to get down-and-dirty in the nitty-gritty (in fact, we kinda love that stuff).

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your vision as



We’re as


We know leading a business isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re here to help you clear the clutter, navigate the unknown, and avoid the pitfalls that show up oh-so often on the journey to building a powerful brand. We are your co-pilot, navigator, and baggage checker (seriously, check it) for this journey.




We’re your biggest fans

Grab the bullhorn & pom-poms 

We don’t just tell you what you wanna hear. We tell you what you need to hear. (Even when you don’t want to hear it.) We’ll challenge you to think differently than you have before, because the only way to get to totally new ideas is to think in totally new ways.

while we’re at it)



We’ll challenge you.

Honesty’s always the best policy

We’re full of verve, passion, and more than a little spitfire—and we’re ready to become your new secret weapon. 

(And match your drive)

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